'Determination - Curiosity - Communication'
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Rockwell Green Church of England Primary School

Sharing Life in all its Fullness (John 10:10)

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Welcome to Rockwell Green Church of England Primary School.


Determination ~ Communication ~ Curiosity


Thank you for showing an interest in Rockwell Green Primary School. The choice of school for your child is a very important one.


We hope that you will find the information in this website helpful. We are very proud of our school and aim to work in successful partnership with our community. If you have not already visited our school, we would encourage you to do so as well as watch our RGS film, so that you can learn more about life at Rockwell Green.


We have approximately 200 pupils aged between 4 years and 11 years, organised into 7 classes, one class for each year group. We also have Rockets Pre-School which provides care and education for children from 2 to 4 years old.


All the staff at Rockwell Green bring great commitment and professionalism to teaching and caring for the children at our busy and friendly school. Our pupils are our most important consideration and we want school to be an enjoyable and exciting experience for them. At Rockwell Green Christian values underpin our school ethos with the aim of creating hard-working and respectful citizens. We offer a supportive and encouraging environment that values the development of the 'whole child' giving learners the opportunity to reach their full potential.


Please contact us if you would like to arrange a visit or if we can be helpful in any further way.


Mike Berrisford 



'This school continues to be a good school' - OFSTED 2017

'The distinctiveness and effectiveness of Rockwell Green primary school as a Church of England school are outstanding.' SIAMS 2018