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Rockwell Green Church of England Primary School

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Pupil Task Force

Rockwell Green's Pupil Task Force are important ambassadors for their classes; they represent their peers with eloquence and fairness. 

The Pupil Task Force at Rockwell Green represent all the children in the school and play an active role in the development of the school.

Two children from each class (Year 1 to Year 6) make up the Pupil Task Force; they are voted in by their class. They are tasked with communicating ideas and opinions between their class and the Pupil Task Force. Sometimes they may have to put forward other people's views which are not their own.


Key Attributes:

  • They must be approachable (so that everyone in their class can talk to them confidently)
  • They must be a good listener
  • They must be organised
  • They must be assertive (so that they can adequately represent their class's views)
  • They must be efficient
  • They must be fair
  • They must be a good communicator (able to discuss ideas with children and adults).


The Pupil Task Force collects the views of their class and passes them onto the Pupil Task Force (overseen by a member of staff). These views are then passed on to the school leadership, including the Headteacher and the Governors.

The Pupil Task Force then feed back to their class. Therefore, they need to be willing and able to take part in regular meetings.

They must be willing to represent Rockwell Green School and be ambassadors for the school.


These key children are all learning and developing important skills for life while making their school a better place.


Head Boy and Girl and Deputy Head Boy and Deputy Head Girl

The head boy and head girl and their deputies have been selected to be the pupil ambassadors for the school. They are role models for the rest of the school in behaviour and attitudes to learning.  These wonderful children all have great communication skills and the confidence to represent Rockwell Green School at external events. They are extremely knowledgeable about the school and will give the warmest of welcomes to our visitors too.