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Week 3 04.05.20


Monday and Tuesday - write the remainder of your leaflets. 


Wednesday - WW2 Comprehension.


Thursday- Read through the powerpoint about VE Day 8th May 1945. Please do take the time to listen to some of the veteran's stories by following the link below - really interesting to find out what they did and what happened to them after the war had ended.

Your task is to create either: a poster about peace / a poem about the war or VE Day or peace / a drawing or painting of the VE Day celebrations 



For fluency this week I have added an alternative/additional challenge - try completing the crossword over the course of the week.


Monday 04.05.20 - Multiplying 2 digits using the area model

Tuesday 05.05.20- Multiplying 2 digits by 4 digits 

Wednesday 06.05.20 - Dividing with remainders

Thursday 07.05.20 - Calculating perimeter

Friday - Bank Holiday