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Pupil Premium

The Government believes that the Pupil Premium, which is additional to main school funding, is the best way to address the current underlying inequalities between children, ensuring that funding to tackle disadvantage reaches the pupils who need it most.

The Pupil Premium is allocated to schools and is clearly identifiable. It is for schools to decide how the Pupil Premium is spent, since they are best placed to assess what additional provision should be made for the individual pupils within their responsibility.  The Pupil Premium is allocated to schools per Free School Meals (FSM) pupil (any pupil who has been eligible for Free School Meals during the last six years).  It is also allocated to children in care (LAC or CLA), adopted children an those whose parents are in the services.


Schools are free to spend the Pupil Premium as they see fit. However, they will be held accountable for how they have used the additional funding to support pupils. Since September 2012, schools have been required to publish online information about how they have used the Pupil Premium.


Whilst Pupil Premium funding is targeted at those in receipt of FSM (ever 6) or those who are otherwise eligible, other children in the school may also benefit. Objectives and projects funded by Pupil Premium will be targeted and focussed on disadvantaged pupils but will not be exclusive for them alone.


Pupil Premium funding is intended to create a level playing field for all learners regardless of disadvantage so that all may have the same opportunities to attain equally.

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Pupil Premium Funding Spending - Financial year 2018-19




Targeted Impact


1. Raising attainment in Maths for PP children

  • Third Space Learning

April 2018 – July 2018

£5572.00 service

£64.89 staffing


  • Gap filling and accelerated progress in Maths for Pupil Premium children in upper KS2.
  • Numicon Training for all teaching and support staff


£225.00 training

  • Enabling all teachers and TAs to use Numicon resources effectively to support the use of manipulatives by Pupil Premium children across the school.
  • Contribution towards Maths No Problem

£2600.00 service

  • Provide Pupil Premium children with access to Maths No Problem resources enabling understanding of bar modelling strategies.

2. Improving co-ordination skills for SEND PP children

  • Matt Parsons Sport

March 2018 – Dec 2018


£2040.90 service


  • Provide SEND Pupil Premium children support with movement and co-ordination skills, supporting physical development.

3. Improving attendance and punctuality of PP children

  • Incentive and reward resources


£1000.26 resourcing

  • Improve the attendance and punctuality of Pupil Premium Children to ensure their attendance is at least in line with that of non-Pupil Premium children.

4. Improving social and emotional literacy for PP children

  • Play Therapy

£55.28 resourcing

£1000 supervision

  • Targeted support to attend Play Therapy for Pupil Premium children who have already accessed existing provision such as ELSA.
  • Forest School intervention

£49.85 resourcing

£884.00 staffing

  • Forest School intervention for Pupil Premium children to develop and raise self-esteem and ensure success away from the class environment.
  • ELSA support


£481.50 resourcing

£727.50 service

£4275.93 staffing


  • Enabling Pupil Premium children to access regular ELSA support to support them in managing feelings and emotions, including enabling them to be ready to learn.
  • Counselling


£1445.94 service

  • Supporting specific Pupil Premium children who have been referred foor professional counselling provided by the Wellington Counselling Service.

5. Supporting PP children to attend trips and visits

  • Subsidy for PP children to attend Y6 residential


£626.00 funding

  • Enabling Y6 Pupil Premium access to the same experience of residential and adventurous activities.
  • Subsidy for PP children to attend Y5 residential


£500.00 funding

  • Enabling Y5 Pupil Premium access to the same experience of residential and adventurous activities.
  • Subsidy for all class trips and visits

£1893.32 funding

  • Enabling Pupil Premium children the same access to all trips and visits across the school.

6. Improving phonics skills for PP children

  • Sound Training


£2700.00 service

  • Provision of phonics intervention for PP children working below age related expectation in Reading / Writing.

7. Enhancing curriculum experiences for PP children

  • Contribution to resources for learning subscription


£2057.00 service

  • Provision of appropriate resources to enable PP children to fully engage with the skills based creative curriculum approach.
  • Contribution to Somerset Music Service


£984.00 service

  • Enabling PP children to have access to music resources and teaching provided by Somerset Music.
  • Contribution to ipad and app subscriptions


£4795.00 resourcing

  • Providing PP children with access to ipads and apps to support learning across the curriculum.

8. Additional Teaching Assistant support for PP children in the classroom

  • Contribution to apprenticeship levy.


£243.00 staffing

  • Provision of additional staffing by supporting an apprentice to work with PP children in KS1.
  • Additional Teaching Assistant support.


£42911.13 staffing

  • Provision of additional Teaching Assistants across all classes to support PP children with learning, primarily in English and Maths.
  • Provision of additional Teaching Assistants to carry out gap filling and interventions with PP children.
  • Provision of additional Teaching assistant support at lunchtimes to enable PP children to access nurture support and support in the dining hall.

9.  Additional booster teaching for PP children throughout Year 6

  • Contribution to Y6 (and Y5) Booster teacher.


£13307.50 staffing

  • Additional teacher in Year 6 to enable booster support for those PP children working just below age related expectation. In June and July this support transfers to Year 5 PP children.




Rockwell Green Non Pupil Premium Children / All Children Nationally 2018

Rockwell Green Non Pupil Premium Children / All Children Nationally 2018 1

Rockwell Green Pupil Premium Children / All Children Nationally 2018

Rockwell Green Pupil Premium Children / All Children Nationally 2018 1

Pupil Premium Spending Report for 2018-19

Pupil Premium Ks2 Data 2018

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