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W/C 10.01.2022

Reading at home

Please go to and click on the pink tab 'My Class Log In.'

Log in with the username: rockwellotters

Password: Otters


Once you log in, you will have access to three different reading resources: Oxford Owl, which has a large range of e-books across all levels, Read Write Inc, which has a range of phonically progressive texts and Word Sparks, which offers audio texts. Under the parent guide there are a wealth of resources and videos, so this is really worth while to spend some time exploring.

Mental Maths



See curriculum map below for link.

Shared Reading



Which stories have you read with TROLLS in them? Make a list.

Draw a troll. 

Write a character description of your troll. 

Can someone draw your troll just be listening to your description?

Look at the story of Peer Gynt In the Hall of the Mountain King.

Draw a story map. Rewrite the story in your own words or from the perspective of another character.

The Rest of the Curriculum



Staying Safe Unit Year 3