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Week 2 27.04.20

Hello Tawny Owls,
I hope you all enjoyed the lovely weather we had last week. Whilst it is sunny, make sure you are getting outside and getting some fresh air if possible but remember to wear sun-cream!


We now have a new home learning grid for the Summer term with structured activities to try each week across the different subject areas such as History, PE, Music, art and French. Our new topic is all about the Mayans so try to do lots of research about these fascinating people who lived in South America. Our focus in science will be all about Light and you can find the resources for both in the Science and Mayan sections.


We will be using the White Rose maths materials now for our daily maths lessons as they have useful videos to help explain the methods but we may still dip into Mymaths lessons as well for variety.

It was lovely to hear from some of your parents (and some of you!) last week, if they didn't hear from us (Miss Harris and I) last week then they will this week. I am sure you are all working super hard and we are really proud of you all for your effort! Keep it up, well done!


Last thing, a treat for those of you who are looking for something to read. If you follow this link: you will find a book called 'The Book of Hopes'. This book is available for free for all of you and is full of short stories, poems and pictures from over 100 children's writers and illustrators! Writers such as Jacqueline Wilson, Anthony Horowitz, Greg James and Michael Morpurgo have all contributed to this book, I am sure you will all be able to find something which interests you. Interestingly it is edited by Katherine Rundell - the author of our class read last term 'The Explorer'! Happy reading everyone!



This week I would like us to start preparing for writing a persuasive leaflet all about visiting the  fascinating temples and cities of the ancient Maya people. We will start by reading about the temples and the language of persuasive writing before having a go yourselves at a persuasive leaflet.


Monday 27.04.20

Read the text. It is interactive so you can highlight any key features or important information.  You can also type your answers in rather than writing them in your books if you wish.

Have a go at answering sections A and B. For an extra challenge there are challenge questions that you can have a go at at the end of the document - try sections A and B.

If you have the Google Earth app, why not try searching for the temples and having an explore on foot?


Tuesday 28.04.20

Using the same document, answer questions from sections C and D. Again, try the challenge questions at the end of the document.

In addition, start thinking about the adjectives used to describe the temples and sites - how do they make it sound appealing to the reader? Are there any other features that you notice?


Wednesday 29.04.20

For English today, look through the powerpoint on persuasive leaflets, read the example text and see if you can identify the features. You can also try online here:

Then start to think about planning your own advertising leaflet - see the task set on the powerpoint.


Thursday 30.04.20

Today you will be planning your own leaflet. Look at the attached document for ideas on how you could present this and the information needed. You can choose what and where your leaflet is about -it could be a zoo, an animal centre, a holiday destination you have been to or even a trip to the moon! 

This website also shows information for different leaflets: 


Friday 01.05.20

Today I would like you to write your opening paragraph for your attraction leaflet. Have a look at th e example and try to use the persuasive features shown in your own writing.

If you have it and want to write it up using your laptop, you may want to try using a template from Microsoft publisher – these are ready made in the style of a leaflet (click on ‘brochure’). I have attached an example on the website but there are many others you could choose from.


Here is the link for the White Rose Materials and video - Summer  Term Week 2 wc 27.04.20