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Week 3 15.06.20


Through the course of this week, your aim is to create a report on a sea creature of your choice (links with our topic activity for week 3). This could be a fish, a mammal, crustacean e.g. a type of crab or lobster or even a type of coral. You could also choose to be creative and write it about the deep sea creature you created on Friday.


The aim is to create a professional looking report which is structured, eye-catching and informative.

Maths Activities


Monday - visit the MyMaths site - revision of 3D shapes


Tuesday - Recognising the properties of 3D shapes. Look at the power-point for a reminder before completing one of the sheets (1 easier, 1 harder)


Wednesday - Counting cubes. This is important for visualisation of 3D shapes made up of cubes.


Thursday - Drawing cubes on isometric paper. Work through the powerpoint (PDF or interactive powerpoint are the same but the latter allows you to see the drawings being created a step at a time) before having a go at drawing your own on the worksheet.


Friday - Drawing and creating 3D shapes