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Sharing Life in all its Fullness (John 10:10)

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Christian Distinctiveness

'Sharing life in all its fullness'

(John 10:10)

As a school community, we worked together to find a Bible verse which would reflect our vision and ethos. The verse above, which is taken from the New Testament, is the result of this working group.  We believe passionately that this Bible verse shares what we celebrate each day at Rockwell Green C of E Primary School. 'Sharing life in all its fullness' is about living a varied life full of  learning, growing, helping, joy, excitement and caring for each other. This means we can flourish.  At school we have reflected on what 'Sharinglife in all its fullness' means to us. 

Here are some examples of our reflections:


'Help and care for each other. When someone falls over help them to get up.'

'Treat others as you would like to be treated.'

'Make the most of your opportunities.'

'Always do your best in everything you do.'


To support the children in developing an understanding of what this verse means to them it is modelled and shared continually within the school. Our vision underpins our learning academically, physically, socially and spiritually.

Easter Craft Afternoon Spring 2024.

At the end of each term the house with the most points get to take part in a craft afternoon.


This term Brendan House had the most points and the children got to make Easter Gardens. They used soil, clay, moss and flowers to do this. They looked amazing and the children looked very engaged and on task whilst they were making them.


Thanks to Ms Ravenscroft for organising and resourcing this craft.

School Chaplin Visits Spring 2024.

Helena our School Chaplin visited all the classes over the second half of spring term to talk to the children about the Easter story. At the end of each session the children completed a craft linked to Easter.

KS1 and EYFS Easter Service 2024.

Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 went to All Saints Church to hold an Easter Service.


Year 2 led the service by re-telling the events that lead up to Easter and the following days. Reception sang the nursery rhyme 'Hot Cross Buns' and explained the reason why Christians eat these at Easter time. Year 1 recited an acrostic poem about Easter.


They children performed well and sang the Easter Songs beautifully.


Well done KS1 and EYFS!


Cemetry Visits.

Every month a class takes flowers to the war graves at our local cemetery. Year 1 went in February and laid the flowers to show respect to the fallen soldiers.

Reception Nativity 2023.

Reception performed 'A Miracle in Town' to the school and to their parents.


They worked really hard learning the songs and the actions and it paid off. They all looked amazing and sang beautifully,

Thank you to all involved.

KS1 Christmas Service 2023.

KS1 went to All Saints church to retell the Christmas story and sing traditional Christmas songs such as Away in a Manger and Little Donkey. Year 2 led the service by telling the story and Year 1 played the supporting characters.

They did a fabulous job.

Well Done!

KS2 Christmas Service 2023.

Key Stage 2 went to All Saints church to have their Christmas Service. Here is a picture of Year 5 performing their song.

Harvest 2023.

Our two Harvest services were a joyful celebration and the children were again a credit to both themselves and the school in the way in which they performed and sung (Unfortunately no pictures.) However, thank you very much for the Harvest donations this week. They have been greatly received by Besom and they will go to others in need.

Remembrance Day 2023.

Every year each class makes a poppy display to remember the fallen soldiers. Here are all the beautiful poppy displays created by the classes.