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In teaching history we want the children to  experience and understand how different people used to live in the past, both within the British Isles  and from other parts of the world.  Through the course of their schooling, children will develop a chronological  knowledge of British  and world history as they examine  the  Stone and Iron Ages, Ancient Greeks, Romans and Anglo-Saxons,  the Vikings, and  life during World War II.


How we investigate the past is an important part of our curriculum at Rockwell Green Primary School. We use a wide variety of primary and secondary sources including, letters, documents, maps, artefacts and photographs, as well as school visits to historical places, in order  to  generate interest  and extend  the children’s  knowledge and understanding of events and people from the past. As they progress, children develop effective questioning skills and recognise that the past can be represented and interpreted in many different ways.

History skills progression

Whole school History overview