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Week 4 11.05.20


Monday 11.05.20 Relative pronouns. Work through the powerpoint and then complete worksheet 1. Worksheet 2 does not need to be copied into books - just decide which relative pronoun works best.


Tuesday - 12.05.20 Relative clauses. Work through the powerpoint. At slide 16 choose 6 images to describe using a relative clause (or think up some of your own). 


Wednesday and Thursday- you have worked hard this year on improving your vocabulary and the way that you structure your sentences to create different effects. Using the Alan Peat sentence starts, I would like you over the next 2 days to choose  6 different sentence types to try and then write 3 sentences using each type ( 9 sentences each day). 


Friday - Using the images on the sheet, or something of your own choice, write a description of what is happening / what can be seen and how the characters (if there are some) might be feeling. You could imagine it’s the start of a story and you are describing the setting or an action scene.

Try to include well-chosen adjectives and verbs and vary your sentence starts using adverbials and prepositional phrases. Try to include a relative clause or some of the types of sentences you have used over the last 2 days e.g.

3 –ed sentences / 2A sentences / emotion word


Monday - area of rectangles. Watch the video here:


Tuesday - Please visit MyMaths for a recap on irregular polygons and then some more work on perimeter to cement understanding


Wednesday -  Please visit MyMaths - a revision of area of rectangles


Thursday -  Please visit MyMaths - Looking at Angles


Friday - Please visit MyMaths - Looking at Angles 2