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Welcome to Otter Class


Our teacher is Mrs Gatford, but she is on maternity leave, so Ms Pitkin is teaching us.

Our Teaching Assistant is Mrs Bath.


We are a Year 3 class.



Yvonne Coomber Art

Yvonne Coomber Art 1

This term we have been looking at impression art and the work of Yvonne Coomber, a Devon artist, who uses mixed media to give the impression of the hedgerows and flowers around her. 

“My work is a rich vibrant sparkling seduction of colour. It celebrates mystery, magic and love. Tumbling hedgerows and wild places provide inspiration”

In Otter Class we started by working on tones and shades and built up to the impressionist work that you see here. We used sponges, brush flicking and print work to produce these vibrant pictures.

Trip to Knightshayes

What a great day at Knightshayes for Otter Class. The morning was spent in the kitchen garden looking at all the herbs and learning about their uses as well as learning about what is needed to grow plants successfully. Finally we finished off the workshop making our own seed heads. They have gone home so water them carefully.

In the afternoon after our picnic lunch we explored the gardens and successfully completed a number of our '50 things to do'. Photos show what a great day the children had.

Year 3 Athletics Festival at Courtfields School

A fantastic afternoon was had at Courtfields School, where the children were lead in basic running, jumping and throwing activities by the senior school sports leaders.  The leaders did a wonderful job, and as you can see from the photos, a good time was had by all from Otter Class.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
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Picture 9
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Picture 35

Earth Science Centre at Shepton Mallet

Otter Class recently visited the Earth science Centre, Shepton Mallet, for the end of their topic on rocks. What a great time  we had, testing rocks, analysing fossils and touring Whatley Quarry. The quarry is one of many in the area producing huge amounts of aggregate for the road and building industry. One group were even lucky enough to be on site and watch a blast take place (from a long way away!). You may be able to see that on one of the photos.

We all dressed up for World Book Day. Can you see who we are?

We all dressed up for World Book Day. Can you see who we are? 1
 On World Book Day Otter class spent some of their time developing an alphabet dance. The photos show the children creating shapes of different letters, some independently and some with partners. From there, they  created a moving letter shape from the first letter of their name and finished the move off with an action to show their favourite activity. Can you spot karate kid?

Forensic Science Workshop

Forest School Week 1

Forest School Week 2

Forest School Week 3

Forest School Week 4

Forest School Week 5

Forest School Week 6

Making bronze age bell beaker jars

Invasion games at Court Fields

Autumn 1 Newsletter

Parent Curriculum Meeting Presentation

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