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Welcome to Badger Class


  Our team consists of Mrs Balfour,

Mrs Barr and Mrs Ravenscroft.

We are the Reception class.

We are the Badgers!

We are the Badgers! 1

This term we have been learning about Dinosaurs!


We went for a dinosaur hunt along the basins. We saw a dinosaur swamp and found the big dinosaur dozing tree. We swished through grass, squelched through mud and splashed in the water. On the way back to school we found an egg. We brought the egg back to school and discussed what we would need to make a nest for the egg. We decided on feathers, sticks and paper to keep it safe and warm. We wrote signs and placed them around the egg to make sure that people were careful. After a few days it hatched and we found a stegosaurus in it. We all thought of a name and it was picked out a hat. Our dinosaur is called Munchie. We have made our own eggs and nests for them as a child initiated activity.


We are reading "How to grow a dinosaur" and in the book we found a packet of seeds. We planted the seeds to see what they would grow into. After they had grown we wrote about our dinosaur. We have been learning about dinosaurs and are making a fact file on them.


One day we had a dinosaur swamp with ice eggs, we had to break them up to get the baby dinosaurs out. It was very messy but fun! Lost of lovely language came out "squidgy, soggy, muddy, slimy, bubbly, cold, soft, hard, smelly"


We still have lots more planned and are looking forward to being busy dinosaur experts.

World Book Day.


On World Book Day we all dressed up as characters out of books. In class we read the book 'Z is for Moose.'  We made zebras using plates as a Zebra was one of the main characters. 


The teachers dressed up and their theme was 'the alphabet.' Throughout the day we completed activities linked to the alphabet. We had to write CVC words using alphaghetti. We also had a snack based around the letter 'B' - toasted bread, butter, bananas and honey...We know honey does not start with a 'b' but Bees make honey!


We also wrote about our favourite books and took selfies of ourselves and wrote what character we had come as.

Spring A.


Our main story was "Stickman".


We went for a walk around the school and bumped into Stickman who told us a story in the secret garden. We all found a stick and when we got back to the class room we made our own Stickman. There is a special tree in our outside area and it looked just like Stickman!


We had lots of fun with Stickman in Literacy. Using an app called 'Puppet Pals" we had to think what we would have used our Stickman for. We each made a short clip saying 'I am not a......I am stick man.'


As Father Christmas had finished working for the year Stickman was worried about how he would get home. He sent us a postcard asking us how we could help. We had to write a postcard card to tell him how we would do this. 


"I am not a poohstick I am Stickman."

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"I am not a boomerang I am Stickman."

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"I am not a wand I am Stickman."

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We have been reading Supertato! We made our own Supertato and the next day when we came into the classroom 'The Evil Pea' had been unkind to the other vegetables! We had to say what our Supertato would have thought or done. This week 'The Evil Pea' was at it again and froze the carrots! We had to rescue the carrots and whilst we did this we had a chance to explore the ice.

So far we have been...

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