...Train up children in the way they should go, and when they are old they will not depart from it. Proverbs 22:6
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Christian Distinctiveness

'Train up children in the way they should go

and when they are old they will not depart from it.' 

Proverbs 22:6

As a school community, we worked together to find bible passage which would reflect our motto, vision and ethos. The passage above, which is taken from the Old Testament, is the result of this working group.  When the passage speaks of training children up in 'the way' we are reflecting on Jesus speaking to his disciple Thomas and saying: 'I am the way, the truth and the life; no one comes to the Father except through me.' John 14:6

Our new worship table arrived thanks which we were able to get due to a donation received from our local councillor Marcus Barr. Our school Chaplain Helena Power attended Collective Worship to gift us with the worship table cloths she had made. Helena made these by following the winning designs from our worship day in July. Children from the school had a workshop and they designed cloths to be placed on the worship table in the colours of the Christian Calendar. Winners were selected from each colour of the church calendar. They are beautiful and our purple cloth, which represents Lent, is now being displayed proudly. Thank you to all involved who made this possible.

The Children and staff attended an Easter Experience at All Saints Church. The children took part in 6 different stations which explained the Easter story. From the last supper to Jesus’ empty tomb. A big thank you to all the volunteers and church staff who made the experience possible. The children really did have an enjoyable time and more importantly a time to reflect on their thoughts.



We had a whole school worship day on Wednesday 27th June. This was arranged by our RE Co-ordinator and School Chaplain. We had a lot of exciting activities planned. The day started with a school assembly where Helena shared with the children what they would be doing for the day.


Our day was based around the saying "I am..." A local lady has made banners showing Jesus as "I am" for example "I am the bread of life" and "I am the light of the world" These banners were displayed at All Saints Church. Each class went to see the banners and had time to talk about what they could see and what they could mean.


When the classes returned  from the Church they all made a sheep. The sheep have been put together on one large collage to show "I am the Good Shepherd." Every child visited Rev. Selina and Anne and learnt about the different colours used in the Church Calendar.


KS2 then had a workshop with Fiona Brown. Here they designed a worship table cloth using the different colours. all these designs are going to be judged and there will be a winner selected for each colour. These winning designs are going to be made into a worship table cloths for the school to be used at the appropriate times in the church calendar. 


KS1 and EYFS spent the afternoon recreating some of the banners they had seen at the church in the morning to display in there classrooms.




Our Christian Value this term is "Respect".

Rev. Maria taking Collective Worship.

Rev. Maria taking Collective Worship. 1
Mr Roberts one of our regular visitors came in to take assembly. He made his own acronym for the letters of 'Respect'.  Some of the children helped him out to show this.
Picture 1

Bobs Assembly - “Peter and John at the gate beautiful” Acts 3 - 19th April 2018

Bobs Assembly - “Peter and John  at the gate beautiful” Acts 3 - 19th April 2018  1
Bobs Assembly - “Peter and John  at the gate beautiful” Acts 3 - 19th April 2018  2

Our Christian value this term is “Friendship.”

Our Christian value this term is “Friendship.” 1 Reading the Friendship poem.
Our Christian value this term is “Friendship.” 2 Making a large friendship bracelet.

KS2 Eastern Service.

EYFS and KS1 Easter Service.

Sports Day is cancelled - now on Wednesday 26th June