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Worst Storm in 10 years hits Mousehole

Reported by William 

A man saved the day in the black grey horrible sea. It was the most furious storm for 10 yrs.

A powerful, raging storm hit the village of Mousehole.  Mousehole is a village by the sea in Cornwall in the south west of England.
Just before Christmas a hero, named Tom saved the village from starving. He went out to sea in the ferocious sea and came back late at night.  
Tom Bawcock has been fishing all his life. Tom has been in Mousehole over 60 yrs.

 The storm was so furious it had attacked Mousehole and was beginning to come over the harbour wall and the village was starving to death. Tom had to save the village with no choice. “Why did Tom take his cat?” a villager wondered. Tom got over 100 fish to save the village.
Tom had to go because other people had wives and Tom did not have a wife he explained.

Tom took the safest route to get a lot of fish.Tom had a strong boat which kept him safe in the worst storm in 10 yrs.

Picture 1 We imagined the storm as a storm cat
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