...Train up children in the way they should go, and when they are old they will not depart from it. Proverbs 22:6
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Waves Flood Mousehole

Reported by Edie 


A man went out in a raging storm to save his village. Tom and his cat saved Mousehole.  

A powerful, raging storm hit the village of Mousehole. Mousehole is a village by the sea in Cornwall, in the South West of England.
Just before Christmas, a hero named Tom saved the village from starving. He went out to sea in the storm and came back late at night. 
Mr Tom Bawcock and his cat saved everyone. Mr Tom Bawcock has lived in Mousehole all his life! “I was relieved when I passed the Mousehole.” He told us. Here is a speech from Mr Roberts, “When I put the lantern in the window I was terrified!” sobbed Mrs Roberts.
It was the worst storm in a hundred years. Here’s a speech from Mr Botts, “I’m one of Tom’s best friends. I was terrified for his life!” shouted Mr Botts. Tom went away in the storm because he couldn’t let them starve! Here’s a speech from Mr Tom Bawcock. “I was terrified, but Mowzer comforted me.” smiled Tom.

There was no food left and everyone was starving! “I wanted to go” explained Mr Rowen. Here’s a quote from Mr Tom Bawcock, “I had to go because the village ran out of food! I was scared and I wanted to go back. 
Tom Bawcock shivered. “I survived. How, I don’t know” explained Tom. “I took the safest root.” explained Tom. Mrs Ella explained, “I didn’t know why there was a light in Even Keel cottage’s window.” Mr Riley snarled “I would have gone out but I have a family to weep for me” chuckled  Mr Riley . Mrs Henrieta “My husband Mr Riley is a fisherman and is Toms  best friend “ explained Mrs Henrieta .

Picture 1 The terrible storm that hit Mousehole
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