...Train up children in the way they should go, and when they are old they will not depart from it. Proverbs 22:6
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Two heroes defeat petrifying storm

A fisherman and his cat saved the starving village in Cornwall. This was because of a crazy storm, which came to Mousehole.

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 At the far end of England, a fisherman named Tom and a cat, whose name was Mowzer, saved the village in Mousehole, from starving. This was because they run out of fish. It was because of a crazy storm which came to Mousehole. The storm was there for weeks and weeks, and every time a boat tried to get out, some lightning came out from the dark grey clouds. When they came back, (with a boat full of fish) everyone called him a hero, but he exclaimed that he just wanted to save his friends and family. When they went out to fish Mowzer purred and the storm stopped flashing lightning at them, so the little boat swiftly came out from the tall, narrow opening between the great breakwaters. Then the storm played with them as a cat would play with a mouse, sinking them a little and then stopping. So Tom shot the nets out and brought a whole boat full of fish back in, Mowzer purred because of all the fish on the boat. That made the storm calmer, so the boat swam to the light they left in their window. When they arrived they noticed that the whole village where holding up lanterns for him. Then I asked him how bad was the storm, he replied, “The storm was terrible, I’ve never seen a worse storm than that!” 

Picture 1

After that, they had a great big party, they ate morgy-broth, baked hake, cooked kedgeree, grilled fairmaids, fried launces, soused scad and half a hundred star-gazy pie. Then, people and cats, they feasted together, until the hunger was no more than a memory. Tom and Mowzer didn’t do this for themselves; they did it for the whole village, because they cared about them!

Thank you to Tom and Mowzer, who saved the starvation in Mousehole!


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