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Tom Tames Scary Storm

By Lyssy 

Mr Tom Bawcock decides to take a daring ride to save the village. He was a hero, the boatload of fish caught by Tom fed Mousehole for a lifetime.

At the south west of England in Cornwall, on the coast in Mousehole, a powerful raging storm hit. The little village was splashed by waves.
Just before Christmas in December, Mr Tom Bawcock decided to go out really early and then come back really late at night. “I left a lantern in my window to guide me and Mowzer home because we were planning to come back late.” commented Tom.
Mr Tom Bawcock was the one who decided to go out fishing. The villagers were the ones who were worried about Tom. “I took my handsome Mowzer with me,” explained Tom. “I wouldn’t go alone.” 

“This was the worst storm in one hundred years,” complained Tom. “Tom was a hero!” cried a villager happily. The storm pounded the great breakwaters like crazy, splashing up against the brick wall, almost getting in to the Mousehole! It was a dangerous time.

“I decided to go out because there was no food left at all!” yelled Tom. Although the storm was rough, Tom couldn’t let the people starve and that’s why he went out. “Why would I let them starve? I do care for the village.” explained Tom.
“I managed to get home because there were lanterns to guide me home.” explained Tom. The villagers were very helpful for old Tom because they held their lanterns up to guide him home. I think Mowzer helped. I know it sounds crazy, but I do!” whined Tom. 

So that’s how Mr Tom Bawcock saved Mousehole.


Picture 1 The terrible storm that hit Mousehole
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