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Striking Storm Hits Cornwall

Reported by Salvador 

In Mousehole a striking storm wrecks boats and cars. A man in Cornwall went out to sea to save the town .

Mr Tom Bawcock saved the town of Mousehole in the South West of England he went fishing with his cat in a terrible storm.

Just before Christmas, December the 23rd approximately 7:30am he went out to sea.
He had made a decision to go to sea to go fishing to get food to save the town from starving . 

I asked Mr Bawcock who he took with him. “I took me beautiful cat Mowzer.” I had then asked a villager how he felt when saw the lantern by the window. "I felt worried and anxious."

What happened in Mousehole Mr Bawcock? I questioned him.   “It was the most horrible storm in 100 years, we had to go fishing because we had eaten all the vegetables and the pilchards in the cellar were too salty for the cats so we had to go fishing otherwise we would all have starved.” answered Mr Bawcock.

I asked Tom why he decided to go fishing in such a terrible storm “Like I told you, cats and people we all would have starved.” Then I asked him why he didn’t order online. “We were cut off because it was so bad. The storm was really terrible. Then I asked him how did he get out of the harbour. “The sea sucked itself in and I saw my chance.” I asked him my final question. How did his boat not sink? “It’s me lucky boat and it’s never leaked.”

Picture 1 A man went out to save his town
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