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Massive Mayhem in Mousehole!

Reported by Edith 

In the week before Christmas, a massive storm hit Cornwall and caused Christmas chaos for the village of Mousehole.

In the south west of England, on the coast, a massive storm hit Mousehole. Many villagers were very frightened and upset that it had to be so close to Christmas, when all the excitement was flowing.

This very evil storm started terrorising the village just before Christmas in December. Luckily, a brave fisherman went out into the raging storm. Although everyone was very lucky, some people almost fainted with the shock. Sarah Marzipan, the owner of the corner shop, commented on this, “It gave me such a shock to find out his boat was gone, even my pet cat mewed slightly!”

Mr Tom Bawcock, the fisherman described as a hero, was questioned as to why he did it. When he was asked, he answered with, “I thought everyone knew! I did it to save me village from starvin’! ’’

Many people were confused as to how he survived, but soon Tom revealed that he took his cat with him, “The storm was almost like an animal, to be more specific, a storm cat!” “So I took me pet cat with me because she’s an animal too!” Mr Bawcock cried.

It was soon revealed that when Tom was sailing back, all the villagers put up lanterns which made a peculiar sight for Tom and Mowzer and a safe way to be guided home.

“In me adventure, I wasn’t enjoying it at all, but me pet cat was, she started purring and all the time the storm got calmer and graceful, less energetic. It was a miraculous sight!” Tom explained to villagers begging for the whole story. One of the villagers asked, “Tell us the whole story, start to end, how hard was it to make the decision?”

“Well, I had to make a hard decision, that’s what most people thought. It wasn’t hard really, it had to be me.

So I woke up early the next morning, got me boat, went out to sea, caught a load of fish, sailed back, was welcomed to a lantern parade and fish festival, and that’s the story,’’ he ended with a big sigh.

Picture 1 Storm plays with a boat as a cat plays with mice.
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