...Train up children in the way they should go, and when they are old they will not depart from it. Proverbs 22:6
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Man goes into storm

A cat and man goes into a terrible storm fishing but are lucky to escape with their lives.

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Recently a storm hit Mousehole, while the people eat the last of the food up. The people starved, but a cat and man named Tom and Mowzer decided to go out to sea when they go out to sea they’re going to go because Tom can’t look at the children starve at Christmas so they went out to sea in the horrendous storm. They were trying to get out of the little narrow Mousehole. Mowzer decided to sing she sang like sirens Tom covered his ears because when Mowzer sings it makes Tom go to sleep that’s why he covers his ears.

They bring in the nets because they chucked them out when Mowzer was singing they pulled in the nets out so they pulled the nets up so there WAS THOUSENDS OF FISH IN THE BOAT it was full up, they sailed home and Mowzer sang on the way back so the storm would calm down but it did stop so when they were really close to the harbour. The storm gave the boat, Mowzer and Tom a push. They made it the people found out tom was gone they got there lanterns and made sure he was back safely. They did a really big feast of star gazy pie and Morgy broth pilchards so they did. A big feast for a whole night they did it so they were all full but because the storm stayed for another week they all went out fishing after the storm they went fishing everyone knows how much fish to catch because they were hungry. When they went out they caught the whole boat with fish. Then they were happy for life.
Picture 1

“Tom said that Mowzer goes everywhere with him.” Tom likes Mowzer in fact loves her he said.” He was terrified from that storm. Tom says “that was the biggest storm he’s ever seen and been in.’’ that’s why he was scared of the storm. They saved the village.

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