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Man and cat battle super scary storm!

A local fisherman and his cat save a Cornish village called Mousehole from a horrific storm. They also saved everyone from starvation.
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In the past few days in the South West of England, you may have heard about the storms in Cornwall. Lots of boats have been smashed and sunk. It was a terrible storm. Only one harbour was left untouched, it was a little coastal village called Mousehole.

The fisherman who saved Mousehole is called Tom. He lives in Mousehole and has lived there all his life and he loves the place. I asked Tom a few questions. I asked him why he took his cat with him. He answered, “She comes with me everywhere and I love her and she loves me.”

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Then I asked him what his cat’s name was. He replied “Her name is Mowzer.” I also asked him why he went; he answered “I did it for my people and their cats to save them from starvation.” Tom said it was the worst storm he had ever seen in his entire life.

Tom saved Mousehole by going out in the storm and catching lots of fish. Tom and Mowzer now are great heroes all along the coast of Cornwall and hopefully for years to come.

They could not have done it without the village, because the villagers noticed Tom was gone and waited anxiously with lanterns waiting for his return. Thankfully the light from the lanterns guided Tom and Mowzer home.


Thanks to Tom’s bravery, Mousehole has named a day after him. It’s called Tom Bawcock’s Eve. Tom and Mowzer are great heroes, they saved Mousehole from starvation without dying, all the people of Mousehole are very grateful. Now the storm has stopped all the fishermen can now safely go fishing.


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