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Heroic Man Saves Village

By Jadon

Heroic Man saved his village his name is Tom Bawcock. Strangely he brought his cat with him. 

Amazingly he lived in the killer storm and still he brought a boatload of fish. A man called Tom Bawcock saved the village of Mousehole . Surprisingly his age is over 60 years old.


In the far end of England, of rocks and moorland a Man called Tom saved Mousehole. In Mousehole cat and man tames a storm but people say it is true some of them say it is false.

Tom Bawcock his job is a pro fisherman, that’s how he catches all of those fish.
At 1am Tom Bawcock went fishing. Tom told us “It was scary and wet. There were waves bigger than my boat. It was scary,” 

Now to a villager for Tom was crazy but at least he lived to see another day. I was frightened. 
Now to a tourist. “I thought it was going to be a nice relaxing time at the beach. I want a refund!” 
Now from a tourist. “Why did Tom Bawcock go out? I can’t complain, because he saved the village. He is a hero.”
Tom, how did you live? Now from Tom. “It is because of my cat.” Now to our reporter. Did you hear that his cat  
When did you go out Tom told me he went out at 3am the last night until Christmas day it is a Christmas miracle.
What type of fish did you catch Tom told us he caught a 100 different types.
Who did you take with you he told us just my cat it is a miracle that he got back. I am happy that I got back.
Tom told us he told his cat Mowzer my handsome it will soon be Christmas that was my last words. 

Picture 1 Terrifying Storm Hits Mousehole
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