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Heavy Hailstone Storm in Mousehole!

Reported by Harley 

Heavy hail in Mousehole. Tom Bawcock goes into vicious sea to save village.


Mousehole is in Cornwall the south west of England on the coast it’s a small fishing village.


The storm happened just before Christmas on December they went out really early and came back late.

Mr Tom Bawcock and his cat named Mowzer went to save the village in a horrible storm with his cat. It was the worst storm in 100 years! It was pouring down with rain and the waves were almost as big as the enormous harbour wall. Everyone was worried because there was no food left in Mousehole that day.


There was no more food left at all in Mousehole. Tom didn’t want the people to starve so he decided he will go out into the storm. Tom and Mowzer were getting ready to go fishing. “Mowzer we will catch a load of fish for the whole village,” explained Tom. Mowzer and Tom sailed and took the safest route Tom took Mowzer. She purred loudly to calm the storm down, Mowzer's purring was so calming it calmed the storm down so Tom was able to get through the giant waves. When Tom caught a boat load of fish all the villagers helped Tom with their lanterns, the women put lanterns in their windows and the men held lanterns on the harbour wall. When there was lots of lanterns hung up Tom and Mowzer saw all the shiny lantern lights. Mowzer and Tom followed the lights and they safely got home. When they parked their boat, Tom whispered to Mowzer, “Mowzer my handsome where did the storm go?” explained Tom. He asked the villagers to help him to unlode the fish into the ship inn and they had a fish festival and a lantern parade and the hunger was no more than a memory.

Picture 1 Storm chases boat to harbour
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