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Fisherman Tom Tames Striking Storm

Reported by Julia 

A great storm hits Mousehole so, they ran out of food and fisherman Tom Bawcock goes out into sea. A   life time supply of fish was caught that night.


In the south west of England Cornwall, in Mousehole a great storm hit the coast .Soon they ran out of food and there and was no other choice “I can’t let young people risk their lives they have families mine have left home or dead long gone,’’ Tom commented.
Just before Christmas in December the evil terrorising storm appeared and no deliveries could come .They ate up all the salted pilchards and vegetables in there storm raked gardens “In Mousehole nobody likes anything but fish and ice-cream,” a young lady named Mary told us.
Tom went out early and came back late “I was sort of tierd when I went out and when I came back to,” Tom said exuasted .The villagers were worried when they saw Tom and Mowzer missing “we were terrified to see Tom’s boat missing and then we saw a light in his window and  at that very moment we understood he went out fishing, ’’ the villagers explained .


The elder people told us the last storm happened like this when their parents were little children that’s why they were worried. The best fishermen in the village couldn’t do it.
“I went out fishing because I just couldn’t let young people risk their lives,they have families and children.
No food till the storm finishes is unacceptable . Also I am the most taught fisherman in the village ,’’exclaimed  Tom with pride. 
 “I decided to take the safest route,” the best two things were Tom thought the storm was like an animal and when he was coming “we had an idea to guide him with lanterns and candles,’’ a villager commented. 

“I was glad to see all the lanterns because I could tell people cared about me,’’ Tom said with a  pleased but chuffed up face.

Is another going to happen next year we’ll find out? 

Picture 1 Terrible storm hits Cornwall
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