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Ferocious Flooding Hits Cornwall

Reported by Ella, for the Wellington Weekly News.

A man in Mousehole managed to save the village from the worst storm in 100 years. He and his cat saved Mousehole from starving.

Mr Tom Bawcock, Even Keel cottage, Mousehole, saved the starving village. He took his black and white cat, Mowzer, into the horrible storm-the worst in 100 years! He risked his life for the villagers-if they would have waited any longer they would have died from starvation.
After he went fishing for the whole day and caught a boatload of fish, the villagers had lit up hundreds of lights to guide him back to his hometown. As Tom explained “I felt overjoyed to see everyone lighting up lights for me. But I really don’t know how they found out I was saving the village!” One of the villagers, apparently called Myah, said “Oh Tom! We found out because you had a little light in your window. We knew you were up to something, so we lit lights in our windows too!”

The storm had apparently hit the coastal town on 23rd December 2018. Many towns had witnessed this catastrophic event, and most fishing boats had been damaged by the waves.

Villagers in Mousehole had thought that Mowzer had purred and calmed down the fierce sea. As villager Marcus commented “Her soothing, impeccable purring had calmed down the grey-black sea, calmed it, and then made it blue-green again.” People had described her purring with lots of amazing adjectives, whilst people who disliked cats had said some not-so amazing adjectives.

After the big event, the villagers of Mousehole used the fish Tom had caught to make half a hundred Star gazey pies, and lots of other fishy meals. The whole village wolfed down the food, for they hadn’t eaten in just under a week. As villager Kay said, “To see those meals again made me over the moon, for I was starving!” Tom had caught seven different types of fish, including Hake, Scad, Pilchards and Launces.

Every 23rd December, all the people of Mousehole have a special fish feast and then a lantern parade. The parade had always had lovely lanterns, some fish, and some boats; and Christmas lights, for it were nearly Christmas when Tom Bawcock arrived with his boatload of fish to feed the village for a long time. Some villagers were starving, whereas others thought and longed for mouth-watering, prize-winning prime pilchards in pastry. “We should be grateful for Tom.” Villager Tina explained. “If we have food, water, and a roof over our heads, then what else could we need?”

Picture 1 The storm hits Mousehole
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