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Fantastic Fisherman Saves the Day

Darcy – news reporter for the Gazette 

A fisherman went out into a huge striking storm and caught enough fish to last a lifetime. Tom Bawcock and his cat saved the day for everybody!

Just before Christmas, a huge striking storm hit Mousehole. Mousehole is at the south west of England.
The rapid raging storm started in early December.

Mr Tom Bawcock is over 60 years old and he does not know how old his cat is. “I couldn’t stand it when Tom and Mowzer left” commented one of the villagers. According to Mr Tom  Bawcock, it was the worst storm in 100 years. He is the HERO! He went out into a raging storm, just to save his village.

Tom Bawcock decided he was the one to go fishing. He got out into the scary storm by taking the safest route he knew. Tom decided to use his crazy brain and take his best friend Mowzer the cat out into the storm with him. Tom took a strong boat so he would not get hurt. Did Mowzer get hurt? Here’s a quote from Mr Tom Bawcock, “I was so scared, I know I’m over 60, but was terrified”. He got home by everyone in Mousehole lighting lanterns. All the men stayed on the harbour wall and all the woman and their children went home and put candles in their windows. Mr Tom Bawcock went out into the raging storm to go fishing! He went out just to save his village! When Tom came back, everyone in Mousehole had a fish feast. “YIPPEE! THIS IS THE BEST FISH PARTY EVER! WOOOOO! GO FISH, GO FISH!” shouted Tom happily.


Thank you for reading “fantastic fisherman saves the day” on today’s Gazette’s news.

Picture 1 Massive storm hits Mousehole
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