...Train up children in the way they should go, and when they are old they will not depart from it. Proverbs 22:6
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Fantastic Fisherman Fights Furious Storm

By Alberto, in Rockwell Green

On the day before Christmas Eve a man called Tom Bawcock went into a giant storm and caught one thousand fish and saved his village.                       
In Mousehole, in the south west of England just before Christmas Eve, a hero named Tom Bawcock went out into the worst storm in a hundred years. He wanted to save his village from starvation, and strangely he took his cat Mowzer. 

He set off early in the morning and got back in the night. Let’s ask him how he felt. Tom Bawcock how did you feel in that terrible storm? “I felt terrified,” croaked Tom. How big were the waves? ”Well most of them were bigger than my boat,” Tom explained. But why did you bring your cat with you? “Because if didn’t I would have been sad or lonely, “exclaimed Tom. Now let’s go to Tom’s next door neighbour, Freddy how did it feel when you saw Tom’s boat heading to the harbour wall? “Well it was like Jesus coming back to life” answered Freddy. What happened when Tom got back? “So we carried all the fish into the Ship Inn and they cooked a whole cauldron of morgy-broth, enough pilchards for half a hundred star-gazy pies then the whole village had a fish festival and a lantern parade”.       

Picture 1 Furious storm hits Mousehole
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