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Cruel Storm Starts to Swarm

Written by Molly for the gazette

Mousehole’s hero Tom Bawcock saved his town from starvation in a dark grey scary storm. Buildings have been damaged and fishing boats have drowned.


In Mousehole the worst storm in 100 yrs started in early December. The stirring dark blue storm was the most dangerous … craziest storm that had ever happened! Mousehole is in Cornwall by the coast.

It happened just before Christmas on a rainy cold day. Tom Bawcock went out to sea with his cat Mowzer. He saved his own village from starving. Tom went out early and came back late. Mr Bawcock commented “I don’t feel like a hero but the villagers love me”


Tom Bawcock is an old fisherman who started when he was young. “We felt over the moon when we saw his little boat appeared through the mousehole, “exclaimed Tom's neighbour. A visitor commented “we tried to go away from this Crazy village but we couldn’t get out of the mousehole! I’m glad I didn’t leave because I would have missed the fishie festival!”

We think Tom is a true hero, but he doesn’t agree. “The sky turned dark as the storm started, “explained Tom. “So me cat and I went out and we caught loads of fish and when we got back to Mousehole we went to the ship inn and had a festival!”


In Mousehole there was no food left, so how did they survive? Well … they ate up a few veggies that were left in their storm racked gardens. They ate up all the salted pilchards that where left in the cellars. Me cat ‘ated veg and they were too salty for ‘er taste,” spat Tom.


Tom Bawcock took the safest route to the fishing grounds, going around the storm. They put their nets out and hauled the lot in. He caught enough fish for a whole cauldron of morgy broth plus 100000000 star gazy pies! Tom took his old cat Mowzer who meowed on the boat. “When we left the fishing grounds I knew it was the way to go well…the lanterns guided me ‘ome" added Tom. He owns the strongest boat in the whole town. They feasted on fish and beer, but nobody knows if the terrible storm will come back.  

Picture 1 Storm plays with Tom and Mowzer's boat
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