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Biggest, baddest storm that has ever happened

By Harvey 

Last year before Christmas there came a terrible storm in Mousehole. Tom Bawcock and his black and white cat went in the furious storm that week.
The storm was in Mousehole. Mousehole is in Cornwall is on the coast in the south west of England.


Just before Christmas, a raging, powerful storm hit the coast of Mousehole.

Tom Bawcock went in the horrendous storm with his black and white cat called Mowzer.
It was the worst storm in a hundred years. It was splashing, crashing on the harbour wall. “I think Tom had a good idea taking his cat with him because Mowzer calmed the storm down and we were hungry, but it is a miserable day but it should be him.” grumbled a villager.

“Mowzer, my lovely cat, it soon be Christmas. It can’t be the young men because they have wives and children, but my children had all grown and gone and left home, but my wife had died many years ago” moaned Tom. “I have to go out in the worst storm, because there was no food left, so it should be me that goes out to save my village.” whispered Tom.

Picture 1 The storm played with boats like a cat with mice
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